Programmatic buying

Automation and optimization of purchasing media advertising advertising in real-time.

Programmatic advertising

You’re probably hearing about programmatic all the time, and with good reason. If someone told you that you could maximize profit by doing less work than ever, would you be interested to hear more? Then keep reading, because that is exactly what programmatic is all about.

Supply-Side Platform

Tired of having a bunch of unsold inventory? Think that your ad space is worth more? Then SSP is a solution to all of your problems. Realize the full potential of your inventory by selling more, faster. Achieve higher visibility, reach more demand and never have an empty slot again.

Data Management Platform

With DMP by your side, you can identify the most valuable audience segments and use them to power your campaigns, making sure that each ad gets the visibility it deserves. This allows you to fine-tune targeting and reach only the audiences that matter.

Demand-Side Platform

If you are looking for the best way to make your ads seen, DSP is the right tool for the job. Get the most value from each impression by placing the right ad in front of the right audience every single time – automatically.


ADREACT Features

The ADREACT platform offers solutions to unify the programmatic ecosystem and identify the most efficient and effective path to delivery. From a single entry point, you can manage all of your programmatic media technologies, and effortlessly optimize and test new ones.

Brand Safety

We work closely with our brand safety, anti-fraud, and viewability partners to ensure ads are shown in brand safe environments, and are tracked according to authentic, viewable impressions.

Online Reach

The ADREACT platform integrates with over 30 leading ad exchanges, covering 97% of quality biddable inventory across Europe and the Americas, including desktop, mobile and video formats.

Data Management

Measure and understand customer behaviour with our fully-integrated Data Management Platform. Gain valuable insights from your customer touch points, and use them to maximise ROI.

Ease & Simplicity

Programmatic advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. With user experience at its heart, ADREACT’s beautifully elegant and easy-to-use interface helps you focus on the things that matter most.

Intelligent Targeting

Our targeting capabilities include behavioural, demographic, contextual, geo-locational and contextual geo-locational. Powerful probabilistic modelling algorithms constantly work to improve performance.

Transparency & Control

Our fully-customisable platform gives you the control to run programmatic advertising your way, whilst transparent reporting lets you harvest uncensored insights to influence future activity.


ADREACT provides rich creative formats. Best-in-class media placements are delivered through our advanced technology platform and backed by quality guarantees. ADREACT’s industry-leading formats are designed to leave a lasting impression on desktop and mobile devices.


Boost your profits and campaign results with global traffic sources.


Use traditional or brand new ad formats to reach your goals as fast and efficiently as possible.


ADREACT only works with proven publishers and combined with our in-house tracking solution, we prevent fraud right from the start.


Solutions For Agencies

The ADREACT is built for agencies to manage programmatic media on behalf of their clients. ADREACT streamlines the buying, execution and reporting processes making it easier to manage and optimize your clients’ campaigns.

Campaign Management

ADREACT lets you launch and manage cross-channel campaigns from a single dashboard, giving your team more time for optimization and strategy.

Test and Optimize

ADREACT allows you to monitor and share multiple transparent KPIs ranging from anti-fraud, viewability, inventory pricing and automated optimization reports.

Increase Performance

ADREACT unifies campaign data from across channels and inventory sources, making it easy to share performance data proactively with clients.