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Author: adreact

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Adsense – Is it possible to get paid in Bitcoin?

Since its inception cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity among internet users and day by day the number of organizations that incorporate cryptocurrency into their services are increasing rapidly. Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 and since then it has been the most popular cryptocurrency. Although it is criticized for its use in illegal transactions, it is […]


How to create a website with minimum effort

Your website is your business card, your presence on the world wide web, and the place where you have the best chance to sell your products and services. You have complete control over it, from the look and feel of the branding to the content and messaging that you communicate to visitors. Moreover, having a […]


What Is AMP And Why You Should Use It?

Accelerated Mobile Pages also known as AMP is a project backed by Google to providepublishers a way to load pages quickly on mobile devices. Many major websites andnewspapers started using AMP to offer mobile users a better and faster experience and as aresult many of them saw an increase of at least 23% in returning […]


How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

Pinterest is an excellent tool to drive curious readers to your newly created content. It isbecoming a network where people not only make visual vision boards but also search forarticles about topics that go from home improvement, pregnancy, coding, life advice, fashion,etc. Here are some methods that can work well to use Pinterest as a […]


Choosing Between Synchronous And Asynchronous Rendering For Your Website

When it comes to maximizing revenue of your website there are many aspects ofoptimization that we consider. These aspects such as page layout, content quality, trafficsources and others. But there are also other factors that can be controlled using the featureson your ad server (Google Ad Manager / DoubleClick for Publishers – DFP) Synchronous and […]


How Can You Avoid Banner Blindness?

It’s not a secret that most websites around the world wide web are thriving solely on digitaladvertising and it is considered the main income source for many publishers. Still the mostdominant type of advertising are the good old banner ads.Do people really still click onthose ads? Well, to put things in perspective the first banner […]