Continuous inovation & flexibility make our software the perfect fit for your advertising business.



Powered by a powerful proprietary core engine, ADREACT uses state of the art algorithms to best meet various advertisers’ KPIs. Whether looking to maximize full video viewability, reach the largest possible number of customers in a designated geographic area or attract the most valuable users for a mobile app, ADREACT enables the advertiser to easily setup, track and optimize performance in-line with the desired KPI.

Flexible service model

Self-or full-serve campaigns to meet all your business needs

Real-time reporting

One dashboard gives you actionable feedback as it happens

Auto optimization

Daily data driven optimization for any campaign to help you achieve the best results


Core Features

We truly believe that online ads work when it is shown in the right place, at the right time and carry the right message to the right person.

Maximum Reach

Run both a wide reach and precise targeted campaigns. We are integrated with all major traffic exchanges.

True DSP

Experience dealing with the true DSP: complete self-service, real-time reporting, total transparency and no websites affiliation

Self Service

Run ads in your personal account yourself and monitor your campaigns yield in real time.

Full Procurement Details

Possess complete and accurate knowledge about which users you buy, where you buy them and at what cost.


Return visitors, who have already visited your website before, configure individual offers they won’t be able to refuse.

Detailed Reporting

ADREACT provides complete visibility and analytics across numerous reporting layers.


Campaigns management

ADREACT platform offers you handy tools for quick launch and easy conducting campaigns.


    Analyze your audience data to discover new insights, improve advertising campaigns, experiment with new targeting strategies and make smarter marketing decisions.


    ADREACT's proprietary bidding technology processes over 500K queries per second and responds within milliseconds to ensure you are reaching the right users at the right time.


    Advertising automation software eliminates repetitive tasks such as trafficking orders, uploading creatives and optimizing campaigns.


Why us?

We have more than 10 years of experience in building technological solutions for online advertising. Ad management is what we do best.


Hundreds of successful ad campaigns, more than 500 websites in our own network using ADREACT ad server, tens of digital agencies.


ADREACT is a proprietary platform developed and supported by our own team. That's why we can adapt to almost every customer's needs.


Reliable software platform with high quality support service guarantees stable operations.

Customer service

We respond to our customer tickets within a day. Support language - English.


About Us

ADREACT is a unique marketing solution platform empowering advertising teams. We help advertisers deliver hyper-targeted ads across any device. Our platform automatically creates the best creative based on user profiling, and measures ad success with real-time analytics. ADREACT is a performance first platform designed and built to help you achieve your KPIs. Our algorithms enable you to harness huge amounts of data for customized and highly relevant online marketing campaigns.


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