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Header Bidding

Header bidding is a new technique in which publishers are able to sell their inventory to multiple ad exchanges in a simultaneous way before asking to their own ad servers. In contrast with the traditional waterfall technique, advertisers, ad exchanges and server side platforms (SSP) are able to bid on each impression at the same time which increases bid pressure and ad revenue. With increased transparency publishers retain control of their websites, do not rely on a single SSP and able to prioritize certain demand sources in auction. 

AdReact ensures advertisers give its publishers the best ad deals through header bidding. Publishers have access to many advertisers, SSPs and exchanges that cover most of the demand space. Our header bidding solution is transparent and advertiser-agnostic. We are committed to the industry-standard Prebid. For better transparency we prefer client-side header bidding in which auction takes place on client-side. We do not prioritize any demand source so that publishers are guaranteed to get the best bid for each impression. Our solution works perfectly with Google and you can continue to use your own Google Ad Manager account. 

Do you have a adsense website with 6 months of payment history?

 We can help you get your payment via PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise or Bitcoin.