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What Is AMP And Why You Should Use It?


Accelerated Mobile Pages also known as AMP is a project backed by Google to provide publishers a way to load pages quickly on mobile devices. Many major websites and newspapers started using AMP to offer mobile users a better and faster experience and as a result, many of them saw an increase of at least 23% in returning visitors from users coming from mobile search.

Google also provides all the guidelines to make your website Google-friendly and this includesAMP which has additional guidelines specific to it. And since it’s a known fact that page speed is a ranking factor for Google search, it is highly recommended to consider implementing AMP on your website if you haven’t already.

How can AMP maximize your revenue?

When you increase user satisfaction level you guarantee that many of them would be returning multiple times to your website and increase the chance that they will become regular visitors thus increasing the overall traffic of your website. This could also mean that google will be ranking your website better than other competitors in the search results. Other than that, AMP can also be useful for ads as it can increase viewability and click-through rates without disrupting the user. These ads would load faster than the traditional types of ads and this means an improvement for monetization.

Accelerated Mobile Pages also known as AMP is a project backed by Google

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