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Category: Optimisation

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What Is AMP And Why You Should Use It?

Accelerated Mobile Pages also known as AMP is a project backed by Google to provide publishers a way to load pages quickly on mobile devices. Many major websites and newspapers started using AMP to offer mobile users a better and faster experience and as a result, many of them saw an increase of at least […]


Choosing Between Synchronous And Asynchronous Rendering For Your Website

When it comes to maximizing the revenue of your website there are many aspects of optimization that we consider. These aspects such as page layout, content quality, traffic sources, and others. But there are also other factors that can be controlled using the features on your ad server (Google Ad Manager / DoubleClick for Publishers […]


How Can You Avoid Banner Blindness?

It’s not a secret that most websites around the world wide web are thriving solely on digital advertising and it is considered the main income source for many publishers. Still, the most dominant type of advertising is the good old banner ads. Do people really still click on those ads? Well, to put things in […]


How to earn more with better ad placement

Where we put ads on our page is as important as receiving traffic. An ad unit on the header may not have the same effect as an ad on the right sidebar, or an ad with a different size at the same position may have many different returns. Finding the most attractive ad positions that […]


Boost your revenue by increasing viewability

The position or layout of our ads is one of the main concerns for some publishers, while keeping it on the sober note to not only keep our revenue but to increase it many think that layout is the only issue and whether we put our ads above or below the fold it’s not the […]


Alternative ways to monetize your videos

Since the digital world met video monetization it started to be the first importance for many publishers. Nowadays, it is hard to find a publisher who didn’t try or doesn’t plan to try monetization of video content. Video monetization is an exhaustive topic on its own and a blog post is far away from explaining […]