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AdSense Transferwise – Can AdSense pay through Transferwise (Easy solution inside!)


Being one of the biggest products of Google, AdSense is the most common choice of website owners who want to monetize their content. As online payment systems, such as Transferwise, Payoneer, PayPal etc., gain popularity the number of people searching for alternative ways to get their payment from AdSense is increasing. However they can’t find the answers they are looking for. This article will discuss whether AdSense to Transferwise money transaction is possible. If you can’t find answers you are looking for you can always contact us (see support options at the bottom of the page).

With its simplicity Google AdSense interface is really easy to navigate and adding a payment method is a child’s play. However if you tried this you might have realized that AdSense currently only allows you to add a bank account. For many reasons you might want to get your payment using an online payment system. Unfortunately Google AdSense payment methods don’t include such alternatives yet. But keep on reading there is an easy solution!

Google AdSense to Transferwise Money Transaction Is It Possible?

Ad Exchange partner companies like Adreact are the solution to your problem. Currently there is no way of getting payments to Transferwise from google AdSense but if you work with Adreact, which is an Ad Exchange partner company founded in the UK, you can easily transfer your ad revenue to your Transferwise account. Working with Adreact means getting an approval through our Ad Exchange and once your domain is approved, which approximately takes about 3 hours, you will be able to start publishing ads on your website immediately and receive payment at the end of the following month.

As long as you comply with the Google Ad Policies and your country and language is supported (check language and country availability) you will receive your ad earnings regularly by means of your desired payment method.

In order to sign up with Adreact and receive payment to your Transferwise account you need 5000 unique visitors daily. If you don’t have a website you need to have a potential traffic source with 100.000 followers in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In addition please make sure that your country is supported by Transferwise (supported countries).

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