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How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website?


Pinterest is an excellent tool to drive curious readers to your newly created content. It isbecoming a network where people not only make visual vision boards but also search forarticles about topics that go from home improvement, pregnancy, coding, life advice, fashion,etc.

Here are some methods that can work well to use Pinterest as a tool to drive traffic to yourwebsite:

First of all, you can create a board that includes specifically your articles, this way anyonelooking for a topic or keyword related can stumble upon your website entry. You can chooseto make the title of your pinterest board the same as your website title. After you write a postyou can pin it to your board and you can specify a small summary or quote from your ownarticle, an image that represents your post (very important since Pinterest is at first handvery visual). Finally, you can include a link directly to you website entry.

As a second step you can create some boards that relate to the topic you promote with yourarticles. For example if your website content is about healthy living, a board full of healthyfoods or lifestyle tips that take users directly to your website.

Engaging with the followers of your boards will become important as you want any user tobecome your regular visitor, some keys to engage with user is to post original and relevantcontent. You should follow back your followers, keep yourself updated on the trends theyfollow, re-pin your own followers and look out for the leaders in topics your own followers findamusing.

Another excellent way to drive traffic through pinterest is using contest boards, any contest isengaging and will drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

Don’t forget to include a Pin it button on your blog as this will help you reach the followers ofyour readers and works like word of mouth to increase your traffic. This button can create abig increase in referral traffic to your website.

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