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Choosing Between Synchronous And Asynchronous Rendering For Your Website


When it comes to maximizing revenue of your website there are many aspects ofoptimization that we consider. These aspects such as page layout, content quality, trafficsources and others. But there are also other factors that can be controlled using the featureson your ad server (Google Ad Manager / DoubleClick for Publishers – DFP)

Synchronous and asynchronous rendering are the mods google provides to load ads on yourwebsite, asynchronous provides the best page load experience for the users. This is due tothe fact that asynchronous will allow your website content to load independently from theads. In async mode the page will continue to load regardless of the time it will take to load aheavy creative ad and thus users won’t have to wait for the ads to load to see the contentthey are looking for. However, synchronous rendering will load all the content on the pageaccording to the order that the browser fetch them, this means that if there is a heavycreative that takes time to load a user will have to wait for the ad to load before he/she cansee the rest of the content on the page. However, this mod of rendering is a better choice fora page with multi-sized ad units as the content will only load after the ad has been servedand will allow the layout to adjust according to the size of the ad. It is also a required methodwhen you are running passback tags.

Asynchronous is a highly recommended along with Single Request Architecture (SRA)option enabled in Ad Manager/DFP because it provides better loading times and thepotential to serve guaranteed roadblocks.In the end it all comes down to what you prefer for your website whether it is giving yourvisitors a better experience by choosing asynchronous rendering or if you prefer havingmultisize and passback ads running in your inventory by implementing synchronousrendering mode which will also guarantee that your layout stay intact.

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