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Alternative ways to monetize your videos


Since the digital world met video monetization it started to be the first importance for many publishers. Nowadays, it is hard to find a publisher who didn’t try or doesn’t plan to try monetization of video content. Video monetization is an exhaustive topic on its own and a blog post is far away from explaining even the basics. This article is an introduction to the world of video monetization and aims to make publishers explore alternative and easy-to-access ways to earn from video content.

Today, although YouTube is the most common and favorable way for video monetization, it has its own way of rules, terms, and conditions. For most publishers, YouTube’s monetization model is too strict and not appropriate. Most publishers simply cannot make money from YouTube videos and seek alternative ways. Luckily, as AdReact, we have a solution for nearly every type of publisher. We have an integrated video suite allowing publishers to host, manage, publish and monetize their video inventory. Publishers are able to upload their videos via a web application or provided API, publish and monetize with massive demand of Google and other video ad networks. For publishers hosting their own videos, AdReact provides its best-in-class video player, which ensures the best monetization performance in all environments. Even publishers that lack video content can benefit from AdReact’s video monetization tools. We make you gain brand new video inventory by creating videos from the RSS feed of your website. To benefit from this service, you just need to put our script to your page and let our script do the video creation, publishing, and monetization for you.

In short, as AdReact we are providing infrastructure and monetization service nearly in all segments of video publishers by a well-trained team with a great experience that will support you in the best possible way. If you want all these services and video revenue at competitive rates please contact us.

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