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Boost your revenue by increasing viewability


The position or layout of our ads is one of the main concerns for some publishers, while keeping it on the sober note to not only keep our revenue but to increase it many think that layout is the only issue and whether we put our ads above or below the fold it’s not the only factor for ad viewability.

Ad viewability is one of the main factors affecting your overall revenue if it is not the first. Advertisers put enormous emphasis on viewability and publishers generally are not paid for unviewable ads. Luckily, publishers are able to access ad viewability metrics and there are some easy ways to increase viewability. Let’s list some of them.

Publishers should always aim to improve user experience and accordingly site engagement. When the user is having a bad time navigating through the website cluttered with ads, the publisher might leave and never come back. When the content is engaging and the user is not bothered by navigating the site, time spent on the website and accordingly ad viewability will increase. If the user is spending enough amount of time on the website, the publishers can take advantage by placing ads close to the content.

Page loading speed is also essential for ad viewability. Publishers should make sure that ads are visible before the user moves to another part of the website. Reducing the number of passbacks, using asynchronous calls, and applying lazy loading are some of the best practices.

Ad sizes also make much difference in viewability. Vertical ads (e.g. 120×600, 160×600, 300×600) tend to have better viewability rates simply because users read content from top to bottom and are exposed to ads for a longer time. Also sticky ads, the ones that do not change position even when the user scrolls down the page, tend to have better viewability rates for predictable reasons.

In AdReact we have the necessary tools to help you increase the viewability of your ads and boost your revenue without worsening user experience. We achieve this by using sophisticated machine learning techniques. If you are interested in increasing your ad viewability rates and ad revenue please contact us.

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