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Facebook Instant Articles / Ad Breaks

Facebook Instant Articles is a mobile publishing format that enables publishers to publish articles through the Facebook app. These articles load and display much faster than a standard mobile website, creating a better user experience and higher engagement. Based on statistics, users are less prone to stop reading an instant article midway compared to a normal article. AdReact provides full support and integration for instant articles and can help publishers walk through the whole process in the most efficient way. It ensures the best reading experience for readers, thus guaranteeing the maximum number of impressions and ad revenue.

Ad breaks are Facebook’s video ads that let you earn from your video inventory. Ads are placed at natural breaks in your content, or you can choose your own placements. AdReact will help you meet the requirements and apply for ad breaks as well as help you organize your videos to generate the most revenue from them.

Do you have a adsense website with 6 months of payment history?

 We can help you get your payment via PayPal, Payoneer, Wise or Bitcoin/USDT.