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How Can You Avoid Banner Blindness?


It’s not a secret that most websites around the world wide web are thriving solely on digitaladvertising and it is considered the main income source for many publishers. Still the mostdominant type of advertising are the good old banner ads.Do people really still click onthose ads?

Well, to put things in perspective the first banner ad was introduced in 1994 and back then itwas generating about 44% click-through rate. However, just one year later this numberplunged down to 2% and even going as low as 0.6% in 2003.

This brings to banner blindness which is a term created to describe the behavior of visitorsthat ignore any information presented by the banner ads consciously or unconsciously.

As a website owner, how can you avoid banner blindness?

Before doing anything avoid removing banner ads all together as this is obviously a bad ideaand doing that might affect your revenue significantly but there are things that you can do tomake the most of them.

1. Ad placement: When you place a banner on a page on your website make sure that it willnot appear where the user expect it and got used to ignore it. Try being more creative andgrab the user attention in a non-intrusive nor non-annoying way.

2. Ad style: You must always choose a style that will get the most attention and curiosityand avoid a boring repetitive style that is most likely to be ignored.

3. Ad subject and focus: Avoid using ads from advertisers that has nothing in common withyour website content. The more related content the ad presents the more likely a user willclick on it.

4. Annoying ads: This one might be quite obvious for everyone but using banners in anabusive manner will make the users ignore it almost every time and might even be a reasonwhere users will spend the least time on your website.

To sum up, through a series of trial and error you might end up with the best arrangementsfor the banners on your website.

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